He's Almost here!!!

I just got off the phone with my Daddy, he is in Sioux City...about an hour away!!! WOOHOOO!!!! I have steaks marinating in the fridge for the farmer to grill up (when he gets in from Harvesting) and I am fixing to (yes, that is correct grammar in my world) make a green bean casserole! I wish I could take some pics of the feast, but my camera is all packed up, and to be honest, yall really aren't worth the hassle...OUCH! Just kidding!! You know I love yall like fat kid loves cake, but I just don't wanna be blogging away when my Daddy is here!

The good news is, I'm all packed!! A huge suitcase full, plus a shoe bag...I just couldn't decide what to take along...I can never decide! I always think, well what IF?!?! I never wear half the stuff I pack, but at least I have it if I need it ;) I will be back on Monday with tons of stories and pics!! You can follow me on my twitter updates (on the left side of the blog) until then!

The bad news is, Mags got ran over last night :( I was sooooo sad when the Farmer came home and told me. I know she's in Puppy Heaven, but I still miss her barking during the day (I was a bad mommy and didn't take her on walks enough!) and trying to jump out of her pen whenever I walked by, and the way she buried and hid every bone or treat I ever gave her!! She was a cutie and I will always remember her, but we have decided...no more dogs! I just cant take it!! We had a sister to Mag's before her (Dooney) and she got ran over too. Maybe we will get another dog someday when we don't live in town.

Our little Magnolia!!! :)

She didn't like to pose, but she sure was a good side kick!!


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  1. Have soooo much fun on your trip! Can't wait to see how it goes...

    And I am sorry to hear about Mags -- I would be a silly mess if I lost my Riley pup!