Notice: if you are Cade or August Ann, please refrain from reading this post :)

I have been asked to elaborate on the Elves that I mentioned in a previous post! It's pretty simple...a week before Christmas my Momma sets out our Magic Boots (above) in the living room near the tree. The Elves come and leave us small surprises each morning before Christmas. When we were little they would bring me stuff from Hello Kitty or Lisa & Frank (Do they still have that stuff for little girls?) or just any kind of fun stuff I was in to that year; coloring books, crafts, books, nickelodeon gak...stuff like that, then I would have something to do that day! Maybe this Elf idea was devised to keep us busy since we were on Christmas Break and always bugging Momma for stuff to do! Now they bring me stuff that I need like I mentioned before, last year I got a Ped Egg one day in my Magic Boot...are they trying to tell me something!?!?!? I guess the Magic Boots sort of take the place of the stocking....we have stockings (Wrangler blue jean ones with all our names!) but there is never anything in them!

Anyway I hope this helps to further explain the Elves!! Obviously the Elf is my Momma, but I still like to think they sneak in at night with a trail of sparkly dust all giggling and happy to be bringing us gifts :)

While we are on the topic of Family Traditions....we also used to leave food for the Reindeer!! Hay of course! I think now my sister mixes her's with sparkles/glitter and makes it really pretty, but at our house we just used plain old hay! On Christmas morning after we had looked over all our gifts, we would run outside to see if they ate their hay, they always did :) I don't ever remember leaving Santa any cookies...of course in our house, we were always more worried about feeding the animals!!


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