Wyoming Bound!!

One week from today my Daddy is coming up to Iowa and we are going on a Wyoming adventure...I am SOOOO excited!!!

This is a shot of me and Daddy at Yellowstone, when I still lived in Montana!
This is our Wyoming Adventure travel route:
We are going to see a lot of things in 6 days!!
1. First we will drive through the Badlands National Park
2. The next stop on the list is Wall Drug in Wall, SD
3. Mt. Rushmore
4. Crazy Horse Memorial and museums at the memorial
5. Deadwood, SD...we will spend our first night here!! It is one of my favorite places, soo historic!!
6. On Thursday morning we will get up and drive to Dubois, WY, stopping at Hot Springs County Museum and Cultural Center in Thermopolis, WY on the way.
7. On Friday morning we are going on a tour to see the big horn sheep in rut (see pic below!)
This is the info about the tour: The tours start at 9:00 AM and can last up to 5 hours but average 3 to 4. Binoculars and spotting scopes are provided. Be sure to bring your camera. The longer the lens the better your photographs will be.
The Whiskey Mountain Habitat Area, the primary winter range of the bighorn sheep, is open wind-swept country. Dressing in layers is strongly advised, paying particular attention to head, hands and feet. You may wish to bring your own sack lunch and perhaps a hot beverage. There are several restaurants in Dubois that can also pack you a sack lunch.
Should I be worried?!?!?! I'm an indoor girl!!!

8. After the tour we are going to the National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center
9. Friday Morning we are heading to Jackson Hole...let the shopping begin!!! We will do touristy stuff around town on Saturday, then..
10. Sunday we are going to the Tetons!!!

Well that about sums up our trip! We will drive back on Monday, and are praying for good weather throughout...I hate driving in the snow and my Daddy hasn't done it much.

Now, back to the Yellowstone adventure from '06...My whole family came up from Mississippi for our summer vacation, my soul mission was to see a moose...and I thought I had! We were driving along and all of sudden I see this "animal" laying by a lake!! Moose love water!! I screamed STOP THE VEHICLE...IT'S A MOOSE!!! Daddy did accordingly, I jumped out, had a photo shoot with it (see pic below) Only to get back in the truck and have my family inform me that it was in fact a lousy elk, the likes of whom I had seen plenty...I was devastated, I wanted to know why they even told me at all...their answer: we didn't want you to look like a moron when you showed the picture off!!! Well at least they were thinking of me...hehe!
In '07 we went to Glacier National Park for our Family Vacay! Surely I would see a moose there!! Sadly, no...
My Daddy has now made it his mission for me to see a moose as well! I'm hoping to capture a glimpse of a big beast like this one below!




  1. AA is soooo disappointed that she cannot go on this trip!!!!!!!! Yea Right!!!!

  2. Hope you will stop for a quick visit on your way through or at least wave when you drive by on the Interstate!!! Have lots of fun! Sounds like an amazing trip!!! -TM

  3. you do know craig's nickname used to be "moose", right? so you get to see a moose everyday!


  4. Glacier Nat. Park is my next motorcycle adventure. I can't wait till July 2010. More on the park at http://www.sightseeingreview.com/glaciernationalpark.php