He caved!!! :)

We opened our presents today when the Farmer came home for lunch!! It didn't take a ton of persuading since he had no clue what his present was and secretly was dying to open it! Of course that's just my observation..hehe!! Today is also day 100 of our marriage!!! Wow, I can't believe it's already been 100 days! Anywho back to the loot...don't you love the pink and green presents!! I have my JOY sign and some Christmas ball vase decorations up in my office....I can't wait to decorate the whole house!!!


Don't you love the pink and green gift tags I found?!?!

I went first! Duh! :)

Sooo excited...what could it be?!?!?! Yes, I am wearing sweat pants! I work from home, give me a break :)

Yes!! Just what I always wanted! A custom camera/lens bag made just for me!!! :)

Don't you love the pattern?!?! It looks soo western :)
If you are dying to have one too, check out the Xcessrize's Shop on ETSY!! She does amazing work!!

Check out the inside...my camera goes in the middle, and I have room for two more lenses!!! tehehe!

Now it's the Farmer's turn!!! He loved the wrapping ;)



It's a Garmin!!!
And he loves it!! He wouldn't even leave it here for me to play with!! He took it back to work with him :( Oh well...I guess it is his present after all, and he knows I have to finish my publication and it would just be a major distraction!

The good news is, he agreed to let me take it on the Wyoming Adventure...now there is no telling what Daddy and I will get into!! Woohoo!!

Soo glad he liked it!! He is the hardest boy in the world to shop for!!!
Merry Christmas To All.....46 days early!!! :)


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  1. Cute bag! We bought a Garmin a couple years ago! You will both LOVE it! Can't imagine what we did with out it!