More Signs of Christmas!!

I decided I needed to take down my Fall inspired centerpiece on my dining room table and put up a Christmasy inspired one!! It's not pink and green because I wanted it to match more with my westerny Christmas stuff that I have in that room. The pink and green stuff will be limited to the living room with the tree and of course outdoor decor! I love the peppermint idea with these vases (I'm soo glad I have these!!! We are going to use them for my Church's Ladies Brunch too! More details on that later) I could have unwrapped each one, but this way they stay fresh and we can still eat one every now and then!! Ok, lets be honest...i was too lazy to unwrap them all!!! ha!! The Candle Holders are Fiestaware!! I think they look really cute on both sides vase! I tried to find peppermint swirled taper candles but white was the best I could do! The red pieces in front are my Fiestaware salt and pepper shakers...The Farmer thinks they look like hot air balloons!! :)

Look at the fun boxes and bags I found at Hobby Lobby!!! Perfect Colors!!! :)

Coming to a Christmas Gathering near you!! :)


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