I was just sitting here checking my facebook before we head to Bible Study, and I thought I would write another quick blog!! :) I am soo excited for my Daddy to get here, he keeps asking if I have plenty of film for my camera...I keep reminding him that it is digital and with a 2 gig card and two 1 gig back-up cards, we should be good to go!!! hehe!

I have cleaned the guest room, I really wish I had taken some before and after shots!! Before, it looked like our wedding threw up in there...now it looks very clean and organized!!! I just have to get the rest of the house cleaned now!

I have to finish up a publication for work before I leave, so I will be busy on Monday and Tuesday! I was going to pack tonight, but I think I will just wait until tomorrow night since I still need to wash clothes!!

I am trying to talk the Farmer into opening our Christmas presents for each other before I leave for Wyoming!! He got me one of these amazing custom camera bags:
I'll show you the pattern I picked out, when I actually get it!!! Stay tuned to see if we have to wait until Dec. 25th or not!?!?! :)


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  1. That camera bag is amazing! I think I just added something to my Christmas list too!