Wow! What a Weekend!!

We had such an AMAZING time in Minneapolis!!!! WOW!!! :) My husband is the best there is!! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect time!!

We started the evening by eating at The Melting Pot! We had never had fondue, so we thought we would give it a try! It was VERY different but soo yummy! Then we headed to Grease!!!

Our hotel was in walking distance of everything so that was nice! Grease was incredible!! Even the Farmer liked it!! No pics allowed inside, so all I got was the sign! I am soo hooked on Musicals now!! Hmmm what to see next?!?! hehe!

Saturday morning we got to the Mall of America when it opened at 10:00. Our intention was to shop a little before the Pioneer Woman Cookbook signing started at 1:00. Change of plans!!! When we got there, the line had already formed!! about 25-30 people..I panicked and immediately staked my claim in line! The Farmer wandered about for a while but I stayed in line (standing!) the whole time! No way was I gonna miss PW! Good thing we got there when we did! people started lining up and before long there were thousands!! The funniest part of the whole day was when the Farmer was standing around outside the mass crowds of women and a group saw him and said "hey look, look! It's a Cowboy!!! Do you see that good looking cowboy over there?? I bet his wife is in line somewhere!! Do you think he's a real cowboy?...he must be, his cap says Cattle on it!!!" HILARIOUS!!!! My Farmer was famous!! :) After 4 hours in line I finally got my autograph and it was worth every second!!

Some of the fun ladies in line by get pretty close after that length of time!!! The one on the left was originally from Mississippi too!!! Small World!!


Marlboro Man (PW's Husband) taking pics!

Her two boys horsing around!

ok, ok that's enough :)

Don't we look like besties..haha!


She said she wanted my hair color!! I should have offered to accompany her to a salon so she could acquire the perfect match :)

Yes, I will come visit you in Oklahoma, ohhh I have to work cattle?? Umm I think I'll take a rain check!!! haha! Ok so maybe that's not what was said ;)

After the long wait, I was pooped and only had energy to check out the Pandora Store!

I picked out a snowman for our First Christmas together and I just got the green bead because it called to me!! :)

Busy week ahead!! 4-H tomorrow night, Ladies Brunch Decorating meeting Wednesday, Thanksgiving Thursday, Cookie Swap Friday night, and taking lots of portraits over the Holidays!!! I'll try to keep yall posted :)
I'm headed to make the Farmer some Rotel Dip!!! He's never had it!!! For those of you who havent either, it's just Velveta cheese melted with a can of Rotel tomatoes!! Go make some right now!! You can thank me later :)



  1. That's so cool that you got to meet the Pioneer Woman :-) Jealous!

  2. Great pictures of the PW! Your blog is great! From one of your line buddies, Jonelle, thanks for making the wait more fun!

  3. Hey Hayley Mae! This is one of your other line buddies, the other Mississippi girl, Tracey. :) It was fun hanging out in line with you and thank you for offering the Farmer as a photographer since I forgot my camera. I can't believe in the almost 4 hours that we visited together that we never talked about our dogs. I was very sad to read about Mags. :( Especially since I have a Corgi too. He is a red & white named Tater Tot. It was wonderful to meet you and I plan to keep in touch. I just love your blog!

  4. Hey HM! This is TM!! I was just reading PW's blog and she talks about her hair color and wishing it was redder!! :) Miss ya! Happy Thanksgiving!! HUGS! TM

  5. Heya - I remember you from the PW line!!! Your pictures are fantastic!