Christmas Cards!

Nope, not mine..I'm not even half done writing the wedding thank you's that go with mine!! {UGGHHH} This post is about the cards I have been receiving! Initially, I thought I would put all my cards in this adorable cowboy snowman....

And I have been, but I thought it was a shame not to display the cards that have cute pics on them. After all, I would hate for one of my cute Christmas Cards to get stuffed in a pile :) So I found this ribbon garland idea here,, about the 11th picture down!

Soo cute..I think she used fabric, but ribbon works great! I just happen to have about 104 rolls of pink and green ribbon laying around so I put it to good use:
cute, right?!?!

You just punch a hole in the card and tie it up!

And it matched my Christmas decor!

I wonder if the Farmer will be able to walk through this door now?!?



  1. Hey...if it makes you feel any better -- I JUST sent out my thank you's from my wedding today. That way I could get away with sending out Christmas cards on Monday! Hehe!