Sunday, December 13, 2009

A couple of things!!

A. I'm on The Nester Tour of Homes!!! #181!!

B. The Farmer and I are having a New Year's Eve Party!! I whipped up this card today, so it's official!! It will be a small gathering, but I have to design an invite for everything..surely you know that by now!! More details to come :)

C. I am leaving for Mississippi on FRIDAY!!! AHHHH!! So much to do before then!! We have a 4-H fundraiser tomorrow night (at Pizza Ranch -be there or be square!), then I have a 4-H meeting on Tuesday regarding a photography workshop I am helping put together, then I have Discover 4-H (with the younger kids) on Tuesday afternoon! Wow that's alot of 4-H! Somewhere in there I have to WORK, pack, finish up some some stuff for Britt's baby shower (this Saturday), but most importantly, finish up my Christmas Cards/Wedding Thank You's!! They are amazing, if I do say so myself...but I'm gonna be strong and not post them until after I put them in the mail!! Stay tuned!!

Now, I have to tell yall that when I am home in Mississippi, there will be NO blogging! {tear} Probably the occasion twitter update, but the rest of the time is devoted to my family and friends that I love and miss very, very much....well lets be honest here, it's really just 'cuz I wont have much Internet/computer access...hehe! Oh and the other part too! Not to worry..I will have a COMPLETE re-cap post as soon as I get home!! I will even fill you in before I begin my New Year's Party that's dedication!! Loves :)

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