Excuse me sir, can I have your house??

I just want it until after Christmas!!!

Tonight the Farmer and I headed to Sheldon (a town not far from where we live) to see the much talked about house that has lights programmed to music...it is sooo cool!!!! I know the video is wretched but hopefully you get the idea!! You have to tune your radio to a certain station and it plays 4 or 5 different songs..and a guy comes on and talks like a radio hosts...it is just too incredible!!

Maybe next year?!?! ;)

This house accompanied by a pumpkin spice cappuccino, and a visit with the Farmer's sister and her boyfriend, make for the perfect winter outing!! And I must mention that while the Farmer's sisters boyfriend does not own the magical, musical house...he does live just down the road and happened to win the Sheldon lighting contest this year!! Wish I would have gotten footage of his house too!! Very festive and LOTS of colored lights, my fave!! I also have to mention that the magical, musical house won last year and therefore could not be considered in this years lighting contest..hehe!! I also should mention that the previous comment in no way exonerates the fact that the Farmer's sisters boyfriends house was very deserving of the win, regardless of the competition that was or was not accessible!!! :)

Nighty Night!!

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  1. I love Christmas lights and am hoping to get through our towns drive through display soon!