Merritt Wylie - 18 months!

Look who is 18 months!! Seriously wasn't I just bringing him home from the hospital!?! Where does the time go?!!? We just adore our silly, sweet, fearless, mischievous, super independent little cowboy!

We just got back from his 18 month apportionment and he weighs 27 lbs and his 32.5 inches. 

He is still wearing 18 and 24 month clothes in about every brand! Still in size 4 diapers. 

His favorite place to be is anywhere outside!

He eats just about everything but his favorites are still bananas, cheese, hotdogs, peaches/pears, and grapes! His new thing is asking for a sip of anything you are drinking. He says "want sippp" it's so darn cute you pretty much just have to give him a sip :)

His other most used words are- touch it, bubble, baby, truck, tractor, car, shark, ready, cookie, bird, up, shapes, jump, horse, cow, shoe and he loves to say all his animal sounds! He even knows what the bear and tiger say...hows that for a farm boy!?!?  :)

He is still taking one nap a day usually from 1 to 4, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter, and goes to bed around 7ish and sleeps until 8ish in the morning.

He did soo good on our road trip home from Mississippi with the exception of a few meltdowns in Ruby Tuesdays and Carlos O' Kellys and probably some others that I can't remember ..but when you consider all we were doing, I think he deserved a few dramatic moments :)  He was a trooper in his carseat, and that's what matters the most, on the whole trip he only go upset once...we had been on the road all day and he was hungry, but luckily we were just minutes from the hotel, so we didn't have to endure too much screaming! 

Love you little stinker!! :)


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