Fiesta Outlet!!

Since I worked so hard in the office at my Daddy's horse sale (among other things...he even had me herding donkeys, on foot, from the very back pasture on our place, in the mid day heat in Mississippi too! NOT FUN! p.s. Donkeys are dumb!), he said he would take me to the Fiesta Outlet in Canton, TX ( and I could pick out whatever I wanted! As I could feel my skin blistering, while dealing with the dumb donkeys, I dramatically yelled something along the lines of "There is not enough Fiesta in the world to pay me for this!!" haha!!  

This is what I carefully chose :)

Aren't these heart bowls fabulous?!! I wanted a whole place setting of them, but since they were full price (not outlet seconds) I really couldn't justify having eight of them that would probably only get used once a year!! I mean, I already have the amazing Christmas ones ( that only get used in December! How much Fiesta does one girl need? Never-mind, Don't answer that!! ;)

I chose Flamingo for the small and Scarlet for the bigger one....will probably use for serving pieces or Candy dishes around Valentines :) 

This is what they call a Jam Jar (in turquoise) isn't it just the cutest thing?!?!  This wasn't a "second" either, or I may would have gotten two or three!!

It looks so cute with my canisters that I got as wedding gifts!!

I think they are calling this a Utility/Napkin Tray...but I will most likely use it as a serving piece, got this in Scarlet, soo cute!!

Now this was an outlet second (in Shamrock) and has a small chip on the bottom, so I scored it for $1.00!! 

I will only use it for display, like these others I've collected over the years from the outlet! No lids, but who cares?!?!

This is a Scarlet Hostess gorgeous!

and the best part is you can turn it over, add a platter, and it makes a great cake stand!!

This is a Sunflower Chop Platter, bigger than the regular plates but not as big as the Pizza Trays, this was also a second and if you notice from the picture above its just a little uneven...but for as much as this stuff costs full price, i'll take outlet finds anyday!!!

I'm just so thankful we made it! We were running late and pulled up at 4:55...they closed at 5:00! Eecckkk!!! I rushed in and they said take your time, so I did!! :) The thrill of looking/hunting for the perfect piece is half the fun! I had not been for around five years, so I was super EXCITED I got the chance to go, hopefully it wont be another five before I return!!


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  1. I think moving Donkeys will greatly prepare you for "living" on the farm! ;) I think we need a road trip to this said Fiesta Store. TM