Merry Christmas to me!!!

So what if it's October?!?! I go the most AMAZING Christmas present last week!! I was in Younkers (for those of you in the South, it's like Dillards) I was checking out the Fiesta display, just like I always do...and guess what I saw out of the corner of my eye?!?!

Christmas lights Fiesta!! I had seen the pattern last summer on a clearance shelf shoved behind a bunch of other plates...there were only two bowls in the pattern and at the time I thought, what am I gonna do with two bowls?!?! And it was summer, so Christmas wasn't exactly on my mind! Anyway, I have regretted not getting them ever since!! I was for sure I would never see the pattern again, much less this much of it!! I grabbed up the Bread Tray and a mug (we don't use the mugs, but I wanted one to put silverware in if I ever do a buffet style meal) then I noticed all the plates!!!

I took a deep breath, pulled out my phone, took a picture of one of the plates, sent it to my Momma, waited ever so patiently until I knew she had received it, then called her!!! She was just as excited as I knew she would be...she was aware of the passed up bowls and how I thought I would never find the pattern again! Like any good Momma, she immediately said get them, they can be a Christmas present from me and Daddy (thanks Daddy..hehe)!! We went back and forth over how many to get and finally decided on 8...My table only seats 4, so this seemed logical..ha!

And the best part is... I can have them now!! No waiting! They are actually luncheon style plates, so they are just a bit smaller than all the plates I have, so they look super cute together!

Love the red and green...but I can use any color since the lights are all the colors of Fiesta that I collect!!

Now I just need to plan a party :)

Thanks so much Momma and Daddy!!! LOVE IT!!! And now you wont have to pay to ship them to Iowa after Christmas..hahaha!!

I have no clue if any other department store carries them, so if you don't have a Younkers, maybe you should start a petition or something..hehe!


  1. Hurry with the party plan. All I can think about is one of those plates piled with caramel popcorn !!

  2. Lovin' your plates, Fiesta is great-have fun:@)

  3. Oh, these are just wonderful plates! So glad you found them. It was meant to be!

  4. I love those dishes!!! They would be so great on my table for so many parties!!! Great find!

  5. I am so excited for you....a serendipitous and fortuitous find! Your tablescape is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay