The baby harvest!!

I just don't know what we will do now that we don't have to go check on the baby anymore?!?!?! We will have so much free time..haha! As promised, here are some pics of the big event! :)

I know I have been a bad blogger lately, but honestly I don't know when I have been sooo busy!! I've been shooting SOOO many sessions and have many more on the calendar, that alone makes me sufficiently busy, but you know I have a ton of other irons in the fire...working on our church's website, my sis-in-law's wedding invites, revamping my own Southern Belle Portraiture website (stay tuned!), trying to get our top secret halloween costumes all planned out..mine doesn't fit properly...ughhh, making our Christmas lists!!, returning some super cute boots that don't fit..I have never returned anything through the mail, so this is rather daunting!, Making and eating this chocolate chip pumpkin bread...
soooo yummy!!!, getting flights for the Farmer and I to go home to Mississippi for Christmas..that alone was an act of congress!, and all this on top of my "real" job!
I will try to do better this week, but I'm not promising anything...hehe!!


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  1. AT LAST !!!! Pics from the combine ! Impressive. looks good from pics; any guess on yield yet ??