Fall..round 2

Even though I have been taking amazing care of my mums....they have not been doing as well as I had hoped..lets face it, half of them were DEAD!! So last night I ran out and got some more before anyone noticed what a black thumb I have!

I left the purple one in the back, in hopes that it might spring back to life!

The yellow and purple mums on the left and right are still "sort of" alive, so i left them and just added more orange ones to the already dead ones in the middle pot! I'm sure this is not the way most people garden, but I 'm hoping you can't tell from the road!!! ha!


Ohh and I just had to show yall my new pumpkins!!! Aren't they fab?!?!

hopefully this will last until at least November!! Stay tuned :)
The Farmer is combining "the baby" today, so I am going to head out there this afternoon to take pictures and "help!" It seems like just yesterday "we" were planting it...can't believe it's already time to harvest!! :)


  1. Can't wait for a post about making homemade pumpkin puree from those pumpkins. ;) I kid, I kid. LOVES! LL

  2. can't wait to see harvest pics

  3. Oh yeah, pumpkins & flowers are great, too !!