Our Baby!!

What?? Did I forget to tell you we have a baby?? Well, it's actually the Farmer's baby, but I figured it should have a Momma too, so I'll claim it :) The "baby" I'm referring to just happens to be this land...
Ok...a little background info: The Farmer has always farmed with his family, and he still does, but this specific piece of land is his!! This year he was able to rent this land and farm it all on his own, so needless to say, it has been his precious baby since day one!!! He is at this field ALL the time...checking on it, feeding it, bathing it, and reading it bedtime stories...honestly who knows what he does out there?!? So last night after supper at the Drive In, but before The Real Housewives of New York City (which by the way was out of control! I mean is Kelly from planet CRAZY or what?!?!) we headed out to see the baby!

on this particular night, he had to check to see if the corn was progressing at the rate at which he would like..I don't know what could be done at this point to correct anything, but we had to check nonetheless! So he started to dig up a seed...this seemed to take hours, so of course I got distracted....
weren't the clouds amazing!?!?!

ohh yes, back to the baby...

he finally found a seed...it was such a pretty color green!! I was worried that he had just killed that corn stalk but he assured me that it would be fine and there were like 20 million of them in the field so it didn't really matter!

Here is the Farmer and his baby...soo sweet :)

Here is the Farmer and his other baby...even sweeter!! Yes it was cold!! And yes, I'm aware that I look like a blue turtle, but I'm ok with that :)

So whenever we go outside to "farm," I always slip on my old gross boots from college (like I would really get dirt on any of my Luccheses!) When I put these old boots on, I tuck my jeans inside them...not that I would ever do this in public, but I prefer to keep the bottom of my jeans clean when I "farm," so this seems like a good solution! The Farmer thinks I look like a redneck and always makes fun of me...I told him he needed to tuck his pants in his boots so we could get a cute picture (above)...being the accommodating husband that he is, he indulged me!
But in reality, I really just wanted this cute picture...hehehehe :) Serves ya right for making fun of me!!

Soo when the day is done and we are finished farming/checking on the baby, I quickly jump in the truck and turn on the heat, only to see the Farmer doing this....
I'm like, what are you doing? Hurry up, it's cold! It's at this point that I realize he is cleaning off his muddy boots, I fearfully look down to my floor mat and see this...




  1. thanks for the update (finally). One who has never planted a crop can not understand the bond between a man & his land. Betty used to fuss at me saying I was going to dig up all the cottonseed before they had a chance to grow !

  2. This was a hilarious post. Love all the farm pictures!