I'm Alive...and well :)

Yes, I know..I have been a bad blogger! I’m deeply sorry, but give me a break, I’m a busy girl!!!! Between work, photography, planning my bestie’s bachelorette night, spending time with my scarcely present Farmer, and trying to maintain my demanding social life (haha) I have hardly had time to breath, much less blog!! I will try to do better, so bear with me! Work has been crazy with the big Magazine due again, but hopefully things will slow down a bit soon!

Southern Belle Portraiture is flourishing…I have 3 shoots this coming week!! It is so exciting and I am enjoying every second of it!

The Farmer is not intentionally overlooking me, it is Planting Season, so that means early mornings and late nights…very late nights! It really hasn’t been too bad and as my fellow farmer’s wife friend reminds me...it’s not near as bad as Harvest!! I will try to get out and capture some pics of the planting process again this year…but to tide you over, you can check out my post from last year! http://thefarmerandthesouthernbelle.blogspot.com/2009/04/let-planting-begin.html

Now for the low down on Lacie’s bachelorette night! Well, I hate to do this to yall, but I am not gonna give a thing away!! I want it to be a surprise for her, but it is gonna be sooo fun!!! It will be a low key, pajama wearing evening at the lodge we are staying in for her wedding weekend in Eureka Springs over Memorial Day Weekend. I will take tons of pics of everything to share with you...I might even cave and tell you all the delightful details but definitely not tonight!! So you’ll just have to stay tuned for the fun theme :)

I finally ordered our wedding album! All 160 pages of it!! I just designed it on http://www.blurb.com/, so I hope it turns out great! I wanted to incorporate all my showers, bachelorette parties, engagement pics, and the events leading up to the wedding so I went with blurb since they allow tons of pages at a pretty affordable price…and don’t you know as soon as I hit the purchase button, I remembered our Honeymoon pics! I forgot to include them!! Oh well..maybe I will do a separate album for that!

Well that is really all that is going on in my life these days…just getting ready for the most jam packed summer ever! Seriously, every time I check the calendar for the next 4 months it makes me want to crawl back in my bed!! It is basically all fun stuff, so I don’t know why it is making me so anxious…but it is :)

I will get the latest shoots up ASAP!! but for now, nighty night and I will leave you with a honeymoon pic since I left them out of the album!! This one makes me laugh every time!!!


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  1. Some of us would like to see & hear more about the planting. Betty used to bring me lunch in the field during palnting time (sometimes). Nice break in a long day!