The Album has arrived!!

I ordered it from is not the most amazing wedding album ever made, but it's mine and I love it :) Let's take a little tour...

This is the front: (the Farmer thinks he looks like a giant...I told him he is a giant :)

This is the side:

This is the back:
And this is the inside:

Isn't it fun?!?!? It also has our engagement pics, shower pics, my two bachelorette party pics, bridal brunch pics, and rehearsal dinner pics! I have already looked at it 5 times!! It's so fun to re-live all the amazing memories of last year!!

Sorry I haven't been blogging constantly with life updates (my sister wonders why I don't blog daily anymore!) ...I have just been SUPER busy! Like tonight, the Farmer and I are going to eat at the Drive In (one of our small town's two "hot spots!") then we have to make it home in time to watch the Real House Wives of New York City!!! I said...super busy :)

This weekend is Tulip Festival (our cousin, Meredith, is on the Queens Court!!) and I am taking my sweet little nephews 18 month I should have lots more to share soon! And yes Uncle Den, I will also get some planting pictures posted ASAP...well as soon as it stops raining!! :)


  1. can't wait to see the ALBUM; but really cant wait to see some planting pictures (its the men from Mars, women from Venus thing, I'm sure)

  2. Love this! I'm in the process of doing one too...still getting some shower pictures from friends though!

  3. Beautiful! Isn't Blurb amazing! I designed a family cookbook ( for a long time family friend -- she gave them as Christmas I want to make one with my families recipes...someday :)

  4. I have been waiting for the opportunity to use blurb... gotta find some reason to do it - the album looks amazing!!!