Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Yes, I know, my birthday is not until July...but I got my present from Momma and Daddy early this year!!

Such cute wrapping :)

Hello CS5!! Soo exciting!! I have been really needing this editing software for my laptop and the new Adobe CS5 just came out, so now I have the latest version! It's got Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator!! For those of you who aren't in Graphic Design or Photography, I'm sure you think I'm nuts, but there has been a ton of buzz about this latest version, so I'm pumped to use all the new tricks!

I am going to be traveling ALOT this summer (starting next Friday!), which is why I got my present early! Now I can edit while I am away form my office!! Can you tell I am SUPER excited!

I also got this handy wireless mouse...in green, of course!! Love it!! Thanks SOO much Momma and Daddy!! Love yall :)

I am going to make some Peanut Buddy Bars for my 4-H Club meeting tonight..stay tuned for the yummy recipe!!



  1. Can't wait for you to send me some groovy pictures!! Since we missed the early birthday, I guess we're off the hook for this year !?