Fabulous Flowers and other happenings!

I honestly can't believe they survived, I planted them way too early, and we had a few cold snaps, but they are really flourishing! I have to tell you, I do not have a green thumb! I have killed PLENTY of flowers in my day! You can just imagine what the Farmer said after I came home with $150 worth of flowers...I ignored his sneers and said, you have corn, I have flowers! He may or may not have said something to the effect of "I don't kill my corn!" or the ever popular "corn makes money!" Nevertheless, I spent all day planting my meticulously picked out blooms, only to have it hail that night!!! Like I said, no green thumb!! Well I was just sure I didn't have the gardening gift...but turns out, I do!! These flowers are gorgeous and I just can't wait to water them everyday...apparently they need it to live!! hehe!! The pics below are of the ones in front of the house...I forgot to take pics of the ones on the deck, so these will have to suffice!

Last night we went to our friends Cora and Darren's to watch the Biggest Loser Finale. Cora and I are borderline obsessed with the show..the boys tolerate it!! It was soo fun, and I made some yummy mini brie bites! I forgot to take pics {gasp} but click here for the super easy recipe! Oh and I made a really tasty salsa too (click here) that I think I will definitely make again! I am still trying to decide if I am ok with Michael winning...he was never my fave, and the rhinestone encrusted skull belt buckle he was sporting last night just put me over the edge! I realize it's not a fashion show, but PLEASE, give me a break!! I was really rooting for Ashley, but then didn't care for her look last night either, so last minute I kinda wanted Daris to win...hmmmm guess I will just have to accept it and move on :)

Earlier today I went to the Farm to be interviewed! What? Like you didn't know I was a big deal!?!? Ok, well it wasn't actually me getting interviewed..details, details! They were interviewing the family for an article about being a Century Farm. That's me in the turquoise, and that's the Farmer behind me..the TALL one ;) This was the honor the farm received in 2008 at the Iowa State Fair...ohh and coincidentally this is also when the Farmer asked me to marry him (I said yes!!!) not on the stage..on the sky glider!
yes that thing...I still can't believe I even got on it, but I'm glad I did!!! Anyway, where was I? Oh yes the interview...so this lady came and took pics and asked all about the Farm and it's history. I will let yall know when the piece comes out :)
Well I am off to take Colton's 1 year portraits! He has just started walking so this should be FUN!!!

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  1. They say good gardeners make good mothers. "????"