Baby Update!

I was dying for a Diet Dr. Pepper this afternoon, so the Farmer and I decided to go grab one, then check on the baby! All those bedtime stories must have paid off, because it's growing..or emerging, as the Farmer technical!! I didn't have my big girl camera with me, so I snapped this shot with my phone!
so exciting to see all my farming has paid off...haha!

Busy week ahead...I have to edit pics from the wedding I photographed yesterday (so fun!), do a one year old photo shoot, work on our church's website, and most importantly get ready for Lacie's big wedding weekend!! I can't believe it's almost here! My office is full of fun stuff for her girl's night (can you believe I actually haven't spilled all the fabulous details yet!?! you'll just have to wait!)

My friend Tracey, who lives in South Dakota, is coming here Thursday night then we are headed down to Eureka Springs Friday morning! Given that the bride will be receiving my undivided attention all weekend, the Farmer is staying home. He requires full supervision 24/7, therefore Dasher (the dog) has volunteered to watch after him while I'm away! Plus, Tracey is waaaay better shopping buddy! I will probably blogging when I can, but promise to share complete details when I return.



  1. I can hardly wait to cultivate !! (my favorite job) Ah, the beauty of a freshly plowed field !!

  2. Hate to break it to you, Ud, but we won't be cultivating. That's what Round up is for. Most people around here have sold the cultivators. I do agree with the beauty of a freshly turned field, gotta love the smell of black dirt.

    The Farmer