Tulip Festival Fun!

On Saturday, the Farmer and I went to the Tulip Festival with his family. The festival basically celebrates Dutch Heritage with parades, dancing, a carnival, and FOOD!! Yummy food! Well, I guess I should say, yummy smelling food, since I only actually ate popcorn and a snow cone. I feel like those two items were the healthiest options, and I have no explanation why...that's just the way it is :)

The tulips were everywhere and soo gorgeous!! I snapped a few of the prettiest colors!

Asher, our nephew, drove the cars....

Then the Farmer talked him into riding the Super Slide! Again..it was the Farmer's idea!! I have to tell you, I was pretty surprised that the Farmer would even entertain the idea of going on this, not that it is a big scary roller coaster or anything, but I just never thought he was the "going on rides" type of guy....guess you just never really know a person!! hehe! {Cade & August Ann- after this, I have no doubt you could get Uncle Craig to ride anything with you at Six Flags!! He is a closet amusement park fan..I just know it!!!} Adam (the Farmer's brother) and Seth decided to slide too!!
The long way up!!! Pretty sure I would have had a heart attack before I made it to the top!!

Getting ready to go down...


Soo fun :)

buddies :)

Now..something a little more my style, The Carousel! Actually, none of this is really my style! I am NOT a closet amusement park fan! I do not care for them at all!! I prefer my feet on solid ground at all times, thank you very much!! Thank goodness I always have my camera to keep me busy!!

having fun!!

The Farmer confiscated my snow cone :(

Let the parade begin....one of the marching bands!! Love the wooden shoes :)

The Tulip Festival Queen and Court!

Our cousin Meredith (waving) was on the court!

The little dutch boy and the dam!!

We had such a fun day..it helped that it finally warmed up around here!! Hopefully my flowers will come back to life, so I can share some pics with you!! I am also hoping my tomato plants will bounce back from this cold spell as well. They have some sort of spots on the leaves...it could be fatal! stay tuned :)



  1. Thank goodness for fun-time uncles, especially smart ones that teach you the basic food groups: popcorn & sweets !!!

  2. Yes! I will never forget always getting to have popcorn with UD!!! Thanks for the addiction :)

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