Super Cute Cousins - Hull, IA Photography

This shoot was soo much fun...I do have to admit, I got a little nervous as the three minivan caravan, carrying these little cuties, pulled onto the farm yard, but once we started shooting, the fun began! I think they had a better time watching the cows and the Farmer on the tractor, than taking the pics but that's ok with me :)

p.s. Don't you just love my new prop, the pick-up bed!! I didn't even have to buy it, since it is used on the farm! I have been waiting all winter for the snow to melt off of it and this shoot was the perfect one to try it out!



  1. How do you get that many little ones to be still at the same time ???????????

  2. You were very brave Haley! You did a great job. Very pleased with them. We will definately come back!

  3. okay...seriously i think we need to drive the 6 hours or so to hire you for OUR family photos!!

    you are super talented!!

  4. hayley these are super cute - i have to ask... what kind/size of lens are you using for these?