I'm a Tulip Festival Fool!!

I wish they had one every weekend!! This time the Festival was in Orange City and I got to go to the Parade! It was fantastic!! The Band marches in wooden shoes, and they had Dutch Dancing that some of the Farmer's family participates in! It was sooo neat to watch! And we got popcorn!! WOOHOO!! :)
Raylee, You will have to come experience the Orange City version next year!!! :)

marching band in wooden shoes!

First the Town Cryer comes down the street and proclaims it too dirty for the Queen...

So the boys get buckets of water and dump them on the street!

Then the girls come through and sweep the street!

The Pella Tulip Time Queen

The Orange City Tulip Festival Queen

The Farmer's Cousin Dutch Dancing!

The little dutch boy and the dam

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