No, this isn't about the beautiful Magnolias we are using in the church (that I still need to find!) This is about our new 7 week old corgi puppy!!! I have to tell you that she went through quite the identity crisis for the first day of us owning her! We could not decide on a name...among the options were July, Boots, Brindle, Prissy (my personal fave!) Bourke (our first corgi's name was Dooney, she got ran over a few months ago, soo sad), Sippi, and Tex...we settled on Magnolia and will call her Mags!!! She is sooo adorable and loves her belly to be rubbed!! Lets just hope she doesn't get possessive of the Farmer like Dooney did!! She is actually Dooney's sister, so the chances are slim! We took a detour on the way home from New Orleans and picked her up!! She is living at the farm, so I will only get weekend visitation until August 1st :(

helping navigate!


don't you just love the Farmer's cut off shorts...hahaha!


  1. SOOOO CUTE! love the name! :)

  2. lol adorable, when my pup was brand new he was always on our laps too as we tried to drive!