Things are coming right along! I almost have 100 invites complete! I really only have 5 nights left to work on them, if I want them out by the last week in May! since we are leaving next week for my brother's wedding in New Orleans!! I am just pretty excited that my bridesmaid dress fits!! It is a lilac Vera Wang gown (pictured below in gray). I do not look like this model...haha! Thanks to the Farmer's amazing aunt, it fits perfectly!! Woohoo :)

The Farmer has never been to New Orleans, or Mississippi for that matter, so it should be fun! I am really looking forward to the trip down there...I like to have his full attention and when we are in a car for 12+ hours he has to listen to me, haha! Now if I could just get him to leave his phone chance! I'm soo excited to see my Family again! We are planning to stay with my sister when we arrive, an evening of Wii and board games with the niece and nephew is a must!

Now back to the invites! Here are some snap shots...thank goodness we never eat at the kitchen table because it has turned into wedding central!


  1. i love your black envelopes! so unique!! they look great & i love that bmaid dress!