Two more days!!

I get more excited by the minute for my BachelorEDJE Party! I have been to plenty of bachelorette parties, they were all so fun...Brittany's in Fort Worth, Ashlee's Cowgirls and Cocktails, Stephanie's Scavenger Hunt, Raylee's Buck Wild many great memories and now it is actually my turn...I am getting married!!! I keep trying to get my co-workers to tell me more about the party but I haven't had much luck! I have, however, seen my sash (The roommate left it hanging on a chair in the kitchen!) It is pink and has zebra print edging! I also know that we will be eating off of pink/zebra plates with matching napkins (I was at Hobby Lobby with the roommate when she bought these...duh, they must be for me!!) But other than that I am clueless!

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