I have a Sister-In-Law!!!

My brother's wedding was truly gorgeous!! The whole event was very traditional/formal and really beautiful! I kept expecting to see a Platinum Weddings camera and crew to pop up and start filming!!

The Farmer and I left early (4:00 am) Thursday morning heading down to New Orleans, where both my brother and his new bride live. She was born and raised there and my brother moved there about 4 years ago. We arrived about 10:30 that night and only had a few minor spats the whole way...mainly regarding my wanting to sleep the entire trip and his chitty chatting on the phone when I was trying to sleep! He did have his first Moon Pie on the way down there, but wasn't as impressed as I wanted him to be!! On the other hand he was extremely impressed with the cuisine in New Orleans! He sampled everything you could imagine. Catfish, Crawfish Etouffee, Shrimp Remoulade, Gumbo, Banana Nut Bread Budding, The Famous Port of Call Burger, and Cafe Du Monde's Beignets. Most of these yummy dishes were at the Rehearsal Dinner that was held at Tujague's in the French Quarter near Jackson Square. We had a fabulous 7 course meal and were seated at tables named with famous Streets in the French Quarter, ours was Esplanade (Esplanade runs from the Mississippi River front to the intersection with Carrollton Avenue just past Bayou St. John, and the entrance to City Park. In the 19th century it was important as a portage route of trade between the Bayou which linked to Lake Pontchartrain and the River. Many 19th century mansions still line the street; it functioned as a "millionaire's row" for the Louisiana Creole section of the city!) The balcony was reserved just for us...wow, what a view!!! After the Dinner, The Farmer and I took a romantic Carriage Ride back to the Hotel. The tour guide asked us where we were from, we told him Iowa and he said he had a special place to show us! The Cornstalk Hotel! It was the coolest thing ever!! The hotel is set behind the iconic 'cornstalk" cast iron fence. There is a lovely story of an early owner who brought his young bride to live in New Orleans far from her native Iowa. To soften some of her loneliness for the waving fields of corn back home, he caused a cornstalk replica to be made in graceful iron so that from her front gallery she could forever see something of her native land. Soo sweet!! I asked the Farmer if he was going to build me a Cotton field to remind me of Mississippi and he said nah, but I could visit whenever I wanted!! :)

We stayed at and the reception was held at the Historic Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter. It was unbelievable, everything was soo lavish and extravagant...of course being the clumsy gal that I am, I felt very much like a small child in a china shop that could break everything at any second!! We were greeted with a bag of New Orleans goodies...Maps, A List of the Bride and Groom's favorite places, The official guide to New Orleans, Cajun flavored Chips, and some Apple Pies that the Farmer devoured before I ever saw them! The morning of the wedding, all the girls got ready in the Bridal Suite. It was sooo nice! There was hair and make up and all sorts of tasty snacks! After we were all dolled up we took pictures in the suite, then headed to the church in Limos with a police escort...we were all pretty excited about this!! :)
The Bridal Brunch was held on Friday at the Court of Two Sisters. The brunch was incredible..all you could eat seafood and salads...mmmmm!!

The reception had tons of yummy food too! I only tasted a few things since there were a ton of people there that I had not seen in ages and it felt like I was running around all night! The Farmer said there was rack of lamb, turtle soup, a pasta station, gumbo, and a ton of hot and cold hors d'oeuvres! Yes, he tried them all!! I did have some kind of vegetable thing that was in a martini glass with a yummy sauce!
It was such a fabulous weekend! Now I have got to get on the ball with my own wedding!! Invites must go out this Friday!!! YIKES!!!!
Enjoy the pics!!!

The Court of Two Sisters!

Adub, JayKay, Me, Erin and Momma at the Bridal Brunch!

Bridal Brunch


I have been wating for them to meet, just so I could take this picture!!!

The Happy Couple!

On the balcony at the Rehearsal Dinner

On our carriage ride!

The corn stalk!!

My Momma looked soo gorgeous!!

With our new Sister!

All the girls!!

I did her hair!! Soo fun!

The bride and the Flower Girl!

Me and my fabulous Sister!

The cake pull!

I got the Horse Shoe!! I will be Lucky in Life...so far, so good!! :)

Me and My Daddy!

Me and The Farmer!! His tie went soo perfect with my dress!! See how excited he is that we matched :)

My Brother's Cake..he is the Ultimate LSU Fan!
Sleeping Beauty!

Me and my two favorite boys!!!

Me and my Cousin!!

The Farmer in New Orleans!!

Cafe Du Monde

Beignets!! basically a deep fried doughnut!!! Soo yummy!

We stopped in St. Louis on the way home so I could see the Arch!! It was cold and raining..this is the best pic...haha!

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  1. how fab! the bridesmaids' dresses are so lovely! and i adore your rehearsal dinner and bridal brunch outfits!