Coming to a mailbox near you!!!

The invitations are done and mailed!! Ohh how sweet that is to type!!! Now Jen and I are super excited to check the mail everyday to see if we get any RSVP's!! The Farmer just better be glad I have a Wedding Fairy! Honestly he really has no clue what I have been going through but poor Jen does!! I'm contemplating having Jen give the Farmer some Husband lessons! She is the best!! She cooks for us, cleans (she is such a neat freak), she lifts heavy (and even not heavy) stuff for me, she takes endless pics of me when I don't like how I look in the first 15 takes, she makes me go to the gym, she goes to the buffet with me when I've had a bad day, she makes sure I get right back on my diet after the buffet disaster, she turns my light off for me if I'm all cozy in bed already, she helps me with endless wedding projects, she even makes emergency necklaces for me when I need something to go with a particular outfit!! Seriously the Farmer could learn soo much from her...hehehe!! I will miss her soo much when I move out...ok I'm just not gonna think about it!! On a much less sad note, we are finalizing our music for the wedding ceremony this weekend! The Farmer's Aunt is our official organist, we are going to go over all the music and pick out songs for everything!! Soo fun!! Then maybe I can get the programs done...ohhh joy, another project to take over the kitchen...and just when we got it cleaned again!!!

one of the two boxes of invites!

yes, I could have lifted these myself, but I am having a VERY casual Friday and didn't want any photographic evidence!!

Finally at the Post Office!! Woohoo!!!


  1. What a great feeling! Congrats on getting them out! Getting the RSVPs was my favorite part!!!

  2. Great job! Now, I feel really behind...I am picking my invites up this week...they won't go out for another two weeks!! Oopsies! You give me motivation :)

  3. wow - that's a big accomplishment! i'm just now slaving through the save the dates. ugh, even that's a bit of a chore!