New Orleans - Aquarium of the Americas

While in New Orleans we went to the Audubon Aquarium and the Insectarium! As suspected, Merritt LOVED it!! He could have stayed there for three days watching the sharks and sting rays! My camera died and I only got pics from the Aquarium, but my sissy got some at the Insectarium, that I will have to post later :) His prize from the Aquarium was a big stuffed shark that has now become his favorite sleeping partner and this book, "Hello, New Orleans"
It is SOOO cute! And of course I got him an ornament for his Christmas tree!

cousins!! :)

he kept saying woosh, wosh and moving his hand back and forth, soo cute!!!

Feeding the Parakeets!!

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  1. seriously need to make my boy some shirts. I love them.