10 on 10!

10 pics from the 10th of the month!
We had a play date this morning and McCoy ate his weight in blueberries!! Who knew he even liked them?!? He asked if I would please buy him some at the store!! ...sure buddy! Hehe!

Merritt got to come this time too since he doesn't have school on Wednesday, can you spy him in all the chaos?!? 

I dropped the boys off at Grandma's, so The Farmer and I could have a lunch date and I asked them how they were going to act? These are the faces I got!! Such a mess!!

Pineapple tacos I got on the lunch date! 

My brother and his fam sent this for McCoy's b-day!! He was so excited, and they played with it all afternoon! Their pirate lingo is pretty impressive!! 

Got these fun veggie shapers from Hollar.com! Wanted to try to do some fun lunches for the boys this summer!! Stay tuned!!

My Daddy made it here around 7:00pm and the boys were elated!! They are so excited to go to Mississippi! 

Then there's this...blah! I got the boys all packed but my stuff is still everywhere!!

Checking out all the Mardi Gras stuff Whoop brought for them!! Beads for days!!!

Our last MOPS meeting for the year is in the morning and I made these cute hand soaps for my table leaders!! Just used permanent vinyl and my cricut cutting machine! Easy peasy!

Well that's it! Busy day tomorrow!! So I better get some rest!! :)

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