Christmas 2011 Decor!!

Yes! I know this has taken forever for me to post, but better now than never :)

You see that big box in the corner wrapped in blue/white snowmen?!?! That's to me from the Farmer!!! He just brought it in one day and put it under the tree....umm who are you and where is my husband?!?! Can't wait to open it!!! Speaking of the Farmer, he has been such a trooper since I got put on bedrest. He cooks, he cleans, he picks up all the things I drop (never thought I could get more clumsy!), he comforts me when I cry over the dumbest things, he even puts on my shoes & socks when it's time for my daily walk (no! I can't put them on by myself...we past that point weeks ago!!) He basically waits on me hand and foot. Not sure I am gonna be able to go back to doing things for myself when this is all over! What a sweet boy I married :) Last night he put together the swing and the stroller that have been sitting in my office in boxes since this summer...things got really REAL when I decided to push the stroller around, i felt like a Momma!!! :)

How cute are our pink and green stockings!??!?!

These are my new finds from Hobby Lobby! Soo cute!!

I decided to just put the little tree up this year...less to take down :)

pink and green lights :)

found these Noel and Peace signs from Hobby Lobby too!

I made this a few years back...just love it :)

Well I'm off to do my walking dvd!! We had a lot of snow on Saturday, so I'm not going to venture out and risk slipping/falling..did I mention how much more clumsy I have become?!?! Another appointment on Wednesday, so I'll keep yall posted on Peep's progress :)



  1. Looks adorable girl! We are supposed to get a tree tonight but of course it's almost dark and I haven't left work yet ;( maybe tomorrow!

  2. I sure hope the "Peep" gets here in time to see all the Christmas decor, not to mention the presents