37 weeks!!!

I know this phone pic is awful but I don't feel like uploading the other 27 that I made the Farmer take with my good camera! haha! You just better feel lucky I like the way I look in this enough to post it!! :) Good thing the Farmer is tall...such a good angle! ha!

The appointment went GREAT!! My blood pressure was back to normal!! The bad news is I have to continue the bed rest routine in order to keep it normal...blahhh!!!! At this point we are just taking it week by week, so STAY TUNED!!! Maybe I will have a Christmas Baby afterall :)

Don't worry, you know I am prepared with Babys First Christmas AND Babys First New Years outfits just in case!! ;)


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  1. Maybe you should turn the photog over to the farmer. You look radiantly gorgeous !!!