McCoy Everett 3 Years Old!

Yall! My baby is three!! 
I'm not sure how it happened but his little attitude proves it every day, he is THREE!

He weighs 36 pounds and is 38 inches!

He wears mostly 3T and some 4T clothes and has been potty trained for almost a year now!

He no longer takes a nap, unless he is just really tired and falls asleep watching tv!

He still loves being a cowboy, farming with his Daddy, The Lone Ranger, and playdoh! His new faves are playing rodeo, Legos, Imaginext pirates, any kind of pretend play/dress-up, and Rescuebots! 

He loves arts and crafts or "projects" as we call them! 

His favorite shows are Umi Zoomi, Bubble Guppies, any Lego shows, Rescuebots, Miles From Tommorwland, Alvin and The Chipmunks, Lone Ranger Cartoons, Peppa Pig, and Blaze and The Monster Machines. His favorite movies are Wreck It Ralph, The Three Musketeers (Disney Mickey Mouse Version), Despicable Me/Minions, and Sing!

His favorite foods are pizza, any fruit, lunchables, nuggets, hot dogs, nutrigrain bars, cheese, lemonade and frosty freezie freezes! His favorite candy is Laffy Taffy ropes (which he calls haffy taffy), Air Heads, fruit flavored Tootsie Rolls, and the list goes on and on!!

He starts three year old preschool and Sunday School in a few weeks and couldn't be more excited! He can not wait to horse show next year and ride a sheep just like Merritt!

He can sing the ABC's, count to 15, knows his colors and shapes, can spell his name, knows he lives in Iowa (although sometimes tells you he lives in South Dakota!), knows Whoop and Honey live in Mississippi, and Rex and Maddox live in Louisiana! He has a crazy good memory, so don't tell him anything you don't want repeated!

He still loves to read and never met a book he didn't like! His current faves are Crankenstien and Dragons Love Tacos! And he continues to love all the Eric Carle books as well!

This summer, bedtime has been around 8:00/8:30pm and he usually is up by 7:00am, but would really sleep in, if his brother was a little more quiet in the morning!! He wont shut an eye unless he has his puppy, wubby, and blankie!

Our little CoyBoy is definitely strong willed, sassy, demanding, bossy, and impatient...but he is also hilarious, sweet, and kind when he wants to be and we love every bit of him to pieces!! 
Our family wouldn't be complete without our little Toot...Coyzie....Tiger!! 
Can't wait to see what the next year brings!! 


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