McCoy Open House!

McCoy had his Three Year Old Preschool Open House last night! 
He was so excited and did not want to leave!! He is going to love it, such a big boy!! :) 
He will have the same sweet teachers that Merritt had, we just love them! They are the best!  

Apple for the teacher!! :) 

I wish I would have gotten a pic of the whole bulletin board, 
it looks like the Chicka Chicka ABC Book, soo cute!! 

Merritt loved getting to show McCoy around his new school!

Because you know I love a good comparison AND 
they actually wore the same outfit for both of their preschool open houses!! 
And don't worry, his little backpack will have his name plastered 
all over it by his first day of school next week!!

Merritt's Preschool Open House Blog (link)

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