Weekend Re-cap!

We actually had a weekend at home and we enjoyed every minute of it!!

I switched out the baby swing for a regular one and I had two happy boys and one sad me!! 

Enjoying their favorite snack! Nutella!

We had a little picnic outside...sweet corn and BLTs!!

Kubota ride!!

He loves to drive...I mean stop growing up already!

Ended Friday night with a "campfire" as McCoy would say!!

It started to rain after the picnic, so we brought the fire into the garage!



Saturday was "Honey Do" day!! hehe!! The Farmer got this laundry sorter built for me!
I am slowly but surely re-doing the laundry room and this is going to be soo nice!!

He also built this Ikea storage I got for the Legos! 

Made the labels with my Cricut! Love how it turned out!

Such a great weekend, now bring on the last full week before school starts!! 
Summer, you are just never long enough!!


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