School Days!!

Well it's happening! He is off to Kindergarten! My tiny little chub muffin is at Kindergarten!! 
He was soo excited and could not wait to get on the bus! His teacher is so sweet and he is going to have an amazing year!! 

Last night was open house! How cute is he at his little desk?!?!

He was up at 6:00 this morning!! He is always my little early riser!  

I didn't cry when we dropped him at the bus stop, although I did shed some tears last night while reading him a "first day at Kindergarten book" and realizing that for the first time in five and half years, we wouldn't be having lunch together!!! WAAHHHHH!!!! He has been my side kick for so very long, it's just hard to think about my days without him...but here I am blogging away, pretending to be Jessica from The Man From Snowy River, while McCoy (as Jim Craig of course!) breaks wild horses! So I will be ok, and the best part is, we can go have lunch with Merr at school whenever we want!! Don't worry, I'll try to only go every once in awhile!! hehehe :) 


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