My Grandma's 90th birthday party was this past Saturday, so I decided to fly down and surprise everybody!! It was soo fun and can't believed we pulled it off! I had told my sissy and brother, but no one else knew! JayJay came to pick us up from the airport and drove us to Momma and Daddy's, she had just gotten a new car and told them she was coming to show it to them! When we got to the house, Cade walked in with Merritt and Daddy was so shocked he had no idea who he was..haha! Then I walked in and he got it! Momma cried of course! I have always wanted to fly home and surprise them, so I finally got my chance! 

We got to go to Cade's track meet to watch him throw the shot put, shop a little bit, have a super fun bonfire, play with the ponies, and celebrate my grandma Poo!! Perfect trip!!
We put them in the back of the truck, so Merritt would stop running to the fire...this child has no fear!!

seems like just yesterday he was Merritt's size! Stop growing up!!

Merritt is obsessed with feeding people!

at it again...

everybody with their best smiles, except my angel that has his mouth stuffed with cheese puffs!! Ugghh!!

They had the best time in the back of the truck watching the fire and playing!!

With the Grands!

playing with the sand and water table!

They love Auggie!
He just chased the ponies the whole time!
 and he loves his Cade-o! He had to put Merritt on his shoulders so he would stay with us and quit running after ponies!

lots of cute new babies!

ready to run away from JayJay to get him a pony!

The boys!

He could have stayed at the pond ALL day!

playing with Granddaddy at the party!

so fun too see all the toys we used to play with!!

playing with UD!

playing with Willow!

Checking out the lake!

Happy Birthday Poo!!!

Four generations :)

yummy cake!!

I left 80 degree weather in Mississippi on Monday, to be greeted by an ice storm when we got home...not impressed!! Just thankful we didn't end up with a ice covered tree in our house! Limbs kept falling all night, I was soo terrified that one of our big trees was going to fall into one the bedrooms, that I made everybody sleep in the living room...Merritt was less than impressed but at least I could rest knowing we would be safe...just in case :) We lost power for awhile today but now everything is back on track!! Whew!

That's about all that's going on here! Now just have to get unpacked and de-Easter the house!


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