Snow Day!

Yes, you read that correctly...snow April...we thank God for the moisture, but snow is not ideal when your babe ADORES being outside!!

I felt so sorry for him today, he just keeps staring out the window...yesterday there were a ton of birds outside, so we watched them most of the day (and fed them croutons!), but today there are no birds to be found and he just keeps knocking on the window for them to come 

So I decided to make him some fun things I had seen on Pinterest, while he was napping!

I got his little lap table out, that I have had for ages just waiting to be decorated (who has the time!?!) and taped a ziplock bag filled with paint on the top! He liked this for awhile but not as much as I thought he would! I also made a monster slime sun catcher for the window so he would have something to look at/play with! This is just hair gel mixed with food coloring and of course you have to add googly eyes!! He thought this was super funny but didn't really want to touch it!! ha! Now the rice "table" was the fact he is still playing with it!! It is all over my carpet but he isn't standing by the window knocking for the bids, so I call that a win!! hehe :)

I think we will use beans next time!! :)


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