My MOH Gift!!!

I have been meaning to share this amazing present with yall since I got back from Arkansas...but life has been a bit hectic!!

This is what Lacie got me as my Maid of honor gift!!! The pictures don't do it justice!! We are both Fiesta lovers, and she had received the exact same platter as a wedding gift. She thought we both needed it, so she got me one too! Now when we are all grown up and have big families and host our own Thanksgivings, we can both bring out our gorgeous marigold Fiesta platters and think of each other!! Love, love, love! And don't worry, I'm sure I will be using it for other things besides Turkey!!

Marigold is the 75th anniversary color, so this platter is only available for a short time..oh and it's HUGE!!!

I had Chocolate Sheet Cake for breakfast.... ;)


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  1. platter would look great on fourth of July full of barbecue ribs !!