Lacie's Wedding Weekend!!

I'm baaaack!! and what a wonderful weekend it was!! She was the most gorgeous bride! I will be doing a series of re-cap posts, but first here is the view from our amazing cabin/lodge!!!

Now..let's start with the Wedding Picnic! This was on Saturday for lunch, out at a park in Eureka Springs. Everyone was invited to all the wedding events, so it was nice to get to know them all before the big day!

The cutest name tags for the picnic!

The bride!

Mine :)


The Groom's!

Isn't she just stunning!?! Wait until you see her in the dress!

Tracey, The Bride, and me!

The Bride and Matron on Honor..even though I called myself the Maid of Honor! Matron just sounds soo OLD!!

Lacie with her Aunt and Cousins..they hosted the picnic..the food was super good!!

Lacie and Momma Dee!

The Groom!! They brought their kayaks with them and everyone took a turn at it...well not everyone...I stuck to the paddle boats!!

Tracey gave it a whirl!

The bridesmaids (Lacie's sister and sister-in-law to be) and the ring bearer (Lacie's Nephew)!

me and Tracey paddle boating!

Lacie's Momma!

Aunt Joyce!

The Bride showing her skills!

The day was soo fun and the weather was amazing!!!

Up next, the bachelorette girls night!!!



  1. This looks like so much fun, and I love the name tags. I think it's cute that you are both redheads.