I need a break!!!

My life has been INSANE since I got back from Eureka Springs..and there is no end in sight! On one hand this is a good thing because it means my photography business is thriving, but on the other hand I'm pooped!! I honestly don't have a Saturday free until August! While I do love to be social and have a full calendar, I also truly enjoy just doing NOTHING!!

And it's not just photography that's got me buzzing, we have quite a few weddings to attend this summer as well...including one next week in Montana! We are leaving on Wednesday night and heading West, then coming back Sunday!

I'm pretty pumped about it since we get to stay with Mariah and her husband on their ranch in Hilger, MT, which I have never been!! I haven't seen her since her wedding in September, so we are seriously overdue for a visit!!

Once we are all caught up, we will head to Malta for the wedding...this is basically Canada :) Normally it's either the Farmer's friend or my friend getting married, but this wedding is pretty interesting because the Farmer and I both really know the couple! He went to college with the groom (Jared) and the bride (Lacey) was my intern while I worked for the Montana Beef Council. When I actually met the Farmer, he was in Montana with Jared looking at cattle, so I decided to introduce Jared to Lacey so I could have the Farmer all to myself!! The two didn't actually hit it off until a year later, but I still claim to be the matchmaker for this one! Anyway the Farmer is a groomsman, so he gets to get all gussied up...yes, I will take pics :)

I have my big monthly magazine due as soon as we get back, so it will be pretty hectic, then I will head back to my office for a couple of days to see (and photograph) my co-worker's (Erin) brand new sweet baby boy!! Then we head to Yankton, SD for the Fourth of July..and the list goes on and on! Oh and did I mention as soon as I am done with this post we are heading to Okoboji, IA (lakes) for the Farmer's Family vacation, we are just staying until Sunday, but lets just hope the rain stays away so I can work on the tan! Ohh and the Farmer's little sister (JoElyn) got engaged!!! She is getting married in December, so let the planning begin!!! I need to go to Wedding-oholics Anonymous!! I seriously have a problem...hehe!

Well, I will leave you with a photo from my latest session!! How cute is he?!?! I will post the rest of his adorable pics when I return...hopefully well rested and more tan!


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