Lacey and Jared's Wedding!!

The wedding was gorgeous and the Farmer was the most handsome groomsman ever...but maybe I'm a little partial :)

They got married outside the H.G. Robinson House at the Phillips County Museum in Malta...of course yall know by now that I will drive miles out the way for anything historical, so the Farmer and I had already gone to the museum earlier that day. I was excited to see how the ceremony would was a beautiful setting!

The newlyweds!!

The Farmer and his two bridesmaids...

Of course he had to have new black boots for the occasion!

and of course I had to take a pic of our boots together :)


Our friends Kati and Jared....they are getting married in July!

awww aren't we the cutest couple ever!!??? :)

one more time!!

This was the "grooms" cake! Lacey is from MT and went to MT State and Jared is from SD and went to SD State...and the college colors both happen to blue blue and yellow! Soo cute!!

The cake!

This is what the mints looked like, until the Farmer found them!! If I ever need to find him at a wedding, the mints are the first place I look!! hehe!


Me and Kati with the bride!

The Garter Auction!

They made lots of money!!

Bouquet toss!

We had to call it an early night since we were heading home at six the next morning! It was ok though, because we got to travel home through North Dakota! I'm all about marking another state off my list!!



  1. Where did you get your boots at?!?! They are amazing!

  2. I got them a couple years ago at Lou Taubert's in Billings!

    They are Charlie 1 Horse by Lucchese...soo comfy!!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS! What are the odds that one of Farmer's bmaids is one of MY friends!!! Haha Sarah and I worked together at the AZ beef council together! and...i love your boots! What brand?

  4. I knew Sarah from my Beef Council Days too!! Ag is such a small world :)

    My boots are Charlie 1 Horse by Lucchese..they are just slip top..soo comfy!!

  5. I love your boots!!

    I loved their mints, too!

  6. Hope you enjoyed North Dakota on your way home!