Lacies Bachelorette Night!

So the big secret theme was FIESTA!!! Lacie is an amazing salsa dancer and at one time, which seems like ages ago, she actually wanted to move to Mexico...I even called her Dora the Explorer! So a Fiesta was very fitting for her girls night! We had the best time! Here is the invite I designed for her girl's night..... My co-worker, Jonina, worked her magic and put Lacie's face on the girl in the Margarita glass!!

Now for all the details!!
The bride's sombrero complete with veil!

some decorations...


My Momma sent some fun balloons for us to decorate with...there were 2 of these huge lizards, two big sombreros, and some other fiesta looking ones!


The bride's Margarita glass, along with all the other colorful ones for the girls!


The cookies came all the way with me from home! We have an amazing bakery (Casey's) here and I just had to order cookies! I had originally wanted fiesta themed cookies but they didn't have the cutters, so we opted for the wedding themed ones! They were huge and delicious!!!

The bride!


I got her bling fiesta lights for her to fun!


Yummy food that Michelle and Eva prepared!!! Everything was amazing!!! I brought some of my fun fiesta themed serving pieces and then gave Lacie some of her Fiestaware platers for her wedding gift so we could use them at the party! She went with Lemongrass, Sunflower, and Turquoise as her excited to have her "collecting" Fiestaware now too!!! Stay tuned to see what my Maid of Honor gift was...AMAZING!!!

Now for the shower! Here are just a few of her fun gifts!
I found this emergency bridal kit on this fun site you can customize the ribbon to match the wedding colors! So fun!

Sanuks!!! These are like walking on air!! Check out all the fun colors here! They are a summertime must!!

She got the KitchenAid!!!


It's game time!!!
Tracey was our teams bride!

Aunt Suzie was their bride!

We got 2nd place!

And the winner!!!

Honestly, how can you compete with a shotgun bride!!!
We all had such a great time!! It was nice not to have to go out and get all dresses up!
Next up: The Rehearsal Dinner!


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  1. This is awesome, and now I am hungry! I love your poems.