This and That!

Yall, I am so tired!! It has been so busy, we are so excited to have absolutely nothing to do for at least the next three days!! Now I have to clean my house that looks like a bomb went of in it, tend to my jungle of a garden, and wash mounds of clothes!! But at least we can just be at home for a bit!!

First big harvest!! Apparently, I planted the garden before the Farmer could put some kind of anti-weed stuff on the soil, so they keep taking over! I weed one day and two days later it's a jungle again!! BLAHHH!!! I will for sure be doing more weed management things next year!!

I found this adorbs flamingo mug while I was in Mississippi! 
Had to have a cappuccino in it, perfection!! :)

Well I'm off to tackle a few things on the list but most importantly..enjoy summer!!!


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