More Zulily!

Just got some more fab Zulily buys in today!!! How cute is this little overall set?!?!?!

You can get it here....but I didn't even pay half that on Zulily!!

I also got these adorable pants in the same Buckaroo style as the overalls AND a matching shirt that I can't find a pic of online (and yes, I'm too lazy to drag out my camera and take a shot of the real thing!!)
I wish I had all the fun items in the Buckaroo collection but I'm not paying full price after I got such a great deal on the other stuff....hahaha!

I also got this amazing little gown and hat from Mad Sky on Zulily...

I already have this in the blue version, my Momma and I found it while shopping in Branson this, I wasn't preggers but it was on crazy sale and we don't pass up western clothes on sale...ever! ha!!! Anyway I love it so much I had to have it in the white too!! I also got a snap up footie in this same white cowboy pattern from Zulily, but again couldn't find a pic online, just try to imagine it's cuteness!!

Well, that's it for now! We have our last baby class's the big tour! I'm so excited and scared at the same time! hehe :) I'll be 30 weeks this Friday, so it's getting closer and closer every day!!!



  1. Girl, I love me some Zulilly!! Have fun on your tour!

  2. We want some maternity pictures!!!! :) Give someone else your camera for a few shots before peep gets here!