This and That!

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I just haven't been feeling it lately! I have been so busy with work and photography, when I get free moment I just want to watch TV or shop! haha!!

Speaking of shopping....Baby Merritt is set for Christmas!!! He probably wont be here by Christmas Day but he will be HUGE in my belly, so I think that counts for something!! I shopped for the elves since they weren't sure what to bring him and I found some really fun gifts for his patiently waiting Mommy and Daddy to give him...and who knows what Santa will bring?!?!?!

You will have to wait until Christmas to see all the cuteness, but I'll give you a hint "Fisher Price Little People!!" I am sooo addicted!!! Of course that's not all I got, but it is the majority!! ha!!! Did you know they have Thanksgiving, Halloween, Harvest and Christmas sets?!?!?! I only knew about the Nativity!!! Check out this site for all the fabulous sets!!

And just incase you were thinking of getting Merritt probably shouldn't!! hahahaha!!! I may or may not have gotten them all already!! I mean seriously how could I resist!?!?!? He already has the whole Farm/Barn Little People set that I got awhile ago for all my friends little kids to play with when they come he doesn't need that one either! Did I mention I am obsessed!! They are just SOOOOO cute!!!

The Farmer thinks I am just getting them so I can play with them, and he is exactly right!! HA!!! My brother, sister, and I had all the Little People sets growing up and we LOVED them!!! Of course they looked a little different than they do today, but my Momma has kept all of them so the grands can play with the old school ones too!! I'm not positive if the Farmer had them growing up or not (i think he did!), but once we were in an antique store and he spotted the old Little People Western Town and got super excited (well, as excited as the Farmer gets over toys that is!) he remembered playing with it at his cousin Dan's when they were kids, we were going to buy it, but there were to many broken! Wish they had a Western Town in the new stuff...I would be all over that!! Maybe I should write Fisher Price a letter letting them know little cowboys all over the world need a new updated Western Town..... ;)

Next on the list is to work on finding all the parts to the Little People City! I know there is a cute School Bus with little kids, because Rose lets me play with it when I visit Cora!! There is also a fun airport (he will for sure get to know the real airport very well with my family living in Mississippi!! Ohh the adventures!) and there is an adorable house and backyard set which will go perfectly with his farm! I might die a little inside if he prefers dinosaurs {gasp} over Little People!!! hehehe :)

Can you tell I am beyond excited for him to get here!!! :) Only 87 more days!!!!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS. I love that the western town is JUST like it was when we grew up! I have to get that stat!! Thanks for continuously giving me ideas for my little cowboy!! I'm slowly stocking cowboy things up in his room but since I do not have one piece of furniture yet I'm not doing a thing :)

  2. My sisters & I loved Little People sets growing up and my mom still has most of them. I love the current ones even more. We have quite few--most of which came from garage sales. The Nativity is awesome and a favorite of both kids. We like the A-Z zoo and farm one, too. :o)

  3. Ryan loves his Little People too! We have the farm, the school bus, the boat, the A-Z zoo, the schoolhouse, and he just got the nativity set for his birthday! I got the entire zoo set at a garage sale for $8 (it was only missing the F) and bought the schoolhouse at Once Upon a Child in Sioux Falls. They usually have a good selection at about half the price.