We had another big day today!! Started out with Merritt's swimming lesson, he is doing great!!

Next, we hit up the Children's Museum after we had lunch at Red Robin of course!!

Then after making a quick Target run, these babes were pooped!!

I can home to an early birthday present from my parents!!! I am completely obsessed with this Flora perfume...I had gotten a travel size version in my Easter Basket, but it is running out rapidly! Now I'm set!! Woohoo!! And I got the first season of Designing Women!! I have been wanting to get some of these on DVD for forever!! I kept thinking they would come on Netflix, but no luck!! Can not wait to binge watch these!!! Love it!! Thank yall!! :)

After Merritt worked with and rode Jake, we decided it would be fun to try to ride Sunny the lamb!! After all, Merritt is going to Mutton Bust at a rodeo again this weekend, so we figured he should get some practice!! And little McCoy decided he didn't want to be left out!!

What am I going to do with these rowdy, dirty, little boys?!?!  :)


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