McCoy's Nursery!!

Ok! The moment you've all been waiting for...hehe!! His baby blanket still hasn't arrived, but it will look very similar to the baby blue cowboy print one hanging on the quilt rack, but with his name embroidered on it and red satin trim! 

I thought I should include a link to Merritt's nursery too!
It does look very similar to his, but with a few new touches :)

I have been wanting to do this Raggedy Man print for awhile, it turned out adorable and looks great in his nursery! This is the poem that my Daddy read to us as kids, and his Momma read to him, and now he reads it to Merritt when we are home in Mississippi! I got it on video when Merritt was little...

need to bring the mattress back up!  His hospital/birth announcement wreath will go on the right side of the window!

need to get those bins, on the second shelf,  filled with tiny diapers! Merritt loves to look through the bin of baby toys on the left side of the changing table....he says "for Coy?"  :)

I still have to put the floating bookshelves up on the right side of the chair (above the bin filled with burp cloths)
Like the pics here

I love sitting in the rocker and looking around the room, just like I did before Merritt was born! Can't wait to be rocking my sweet little McCoy! :)


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