The Boys Rooms!

The boy's rooms are finally starting come together! Merritt's is super cute but I'm kinda disappointment in the way McCoy's vinyl name turned out. I guess the wall is just too textured. We will see if it is still up in the morning! I think it's super cute, but it just doesn't stick like I thought it would. Stay Tuned!

Finally got Merritt a dresser! I changed out the knobs to little western stars and the handles look like little old west pistols. I will probably paint it red at some point, but for now this will work!

his bed and alphabet canvas look so cute!

still missing two star knobs...the Hobby Lobby we went to only had 12! Will have to try another store...

so many fun things on his shelf!

I found this vintage cowboy checker board at an antique it!

this is a pic of my Daddy cutting, Merritt likes to run by it and say "Hi Whoop, Hi Whoop!"

I have a few more things to do in McCoy's room then I will post pics of it! My Fam is coming up this weekend (can't wait!!) and after that, Merritt is moving in to his big boy room! Hope it all goes well :)

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